National Flower of Korea

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Part 3

. National Flower of Korea

By Zhang xingyuan

National Flower of Korea Rose of Sharon ɳĮõ


Phylumţ Class٣

(unranked): Order:Ŀ Family:ƣ Genus: Species:֣

ѧ Hibiscus syriacus Scientific classificationѧ Plantaeֲ Magnoliophyta ֲ Magnoliopsida˫Ҷֲ RosidsǾޱ֧ MalvalesĿ Malvaceae Hibiscusľ H. syriacusľ Binomial name H. Syriacus L. Synonyms Althaea frutex Hort. ex Mill.

The orign of Koreas national flower The first record of the Rose of Sharon (mugunghwa: ???) grown in Korea is mentioned in an article produced 1,400 years ago. Before the ancient Korean, people call it Flowers from the sky, when the Silla() call itself Hibiscus Town(Ȼ).

The symbolic significance of Koreas national flower The flower appears in national emblems գof Korea, and Korea is poetically ʫأ compared to the flower in the national anthem裩 of Korea. It is a symbol of the Republic of Korea experienced all kinds of hardships ĥѣbut to stronger national character ,also a symbol of forever beauty and happiness .

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