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Your choice: Do the following personality test and find the right career for you!

1. A friend is having problems with a composition. She asks you to help her. What would you do?

a. Help her after school. Tell her to phone you if she has any problems. b. Give her a plan of how you would write the composition. Tell her the names of books where she can find information. c. Suggest ways of writing attractive and interesting compositions. d. Ask her to organise a work timetable so she finishes the composition on time.

2. You are working for a charity in a small village. Your bass tells your team to repair an old bridge across a river. What would you do? a. Ask the villagers what they want. Ask them to give you advice. b. Choose a specific job that you think you could do well, such as collecting wood. Then plan how you could do the job efficiently. c. Try to improve the design of the bridge. Look at the river and see if there is a better place to build the bridge. d. Ask everybody in your team to do specific jobs. Make sure they know what to do. Choose one of the hardest jobs yourself to set an example.

3. You are on a school trip when the coach has an accident. No one is hurt, but you are stuck on a forest road with no traffic. It is getting dark and it has started to snow. What would you do? a. Talk to anybody who looks afraid or worried. Tell them not to worry. b. Keep calm. You know that the situation is not really dangerous and somebody is going to help. c. Tell your friends a story, while you are waiting for help. d. Take control of the situation. Tell everybody not to panic. Ask a small group to go to the nearest village to get help. Tell everybody on the bus to put on more clothes to keep warm.

4. Last week your teacher asked your class to perform a short play for the school. So far, nothing has been done and there are only ten days before the performance. What would you do? a. Offer to take part and ask others to so the same. Help people to learn their lines. b. Organise some of the practical things, such as costumes, scenery and sound effects c. Think of ideas for the play. Write the dialogue and show it to the class. d. Offer to direct the performance. Choose people for different roles.

If most your answers were: a: You are helpful/ patient/ generous. Your ideal job is one in which you work with people---helping, training or curing them. e.g. doctor, nurse, teacher, school worker. b: You are reliable/organised/logical/careful. You are good at practical things. You are a good person to work with figures, computers, machines, plants or animals.

c: You are emotional/creative/flexible. You are imaginative and creative and you would be good as a journalist,designer or artist of some kind. d: You are strong/confident/motivated. You are a natural leader and would be a good manager of other people in a business. If your answers were mixed, you are probably suited to a job in which you can use your different skills and abilities. For example, as a manager of a computer company you would use your practical abilities(b) and leadership abilities(d).

Language points:


1.emotional a. 1) full of emotions 充满感情的 eg: emotional music 抒情音乐 2) having emotions that are easily excited 感情易激动的 eg: an emotional woman 多情女子 2. flexible a. easily bent without breaking 容易弯曲的 flexibility n. 柔韧性 . generous a. 1) giving; ready to give, freely 慷慨的 eg: He is generous with his money/ in giving help. 他用钱大方(慨于助人)。 t was generous of them to share their house with the refugees. 他们真慷慨,让难民住在他们家里。 2) plentiful; enough 足够的 eg: a generous harvest 大丰收

4. logical a. able to reason correctly 符合逻辑的 eg: a logical mind/argument/conclusion 有推理能力的头脑;条理分明的辩论;合逻辑的结论 5. specific a. 1) detailed and precise 详细而精确的 eg: specific orders明确的命令 2) relating to one particular thing 特殊的 eg: The money is to be used for a specific purpose. 该款将用于特殊用途。 6. efficient a. 1) capable 有能力的 eg: an efficient secretary 能干的秘书 2) producing satisfactory results 有效的 eg: efficient methods of teaching 有效的教学方法

7. set an example 树立榜样 set a good example to sb. 8. take control of eg: We must find someone to take control of the project. 我们必须要找到一个人来总揽这个计划。 9. rather than 宁愿,而不是 eg: He resigned rather than take that job. 要那份工作他宁愿辞职。 10. at all times = all the time

Grammar teaching:

“ Could you pass the salt?” Mary asked me to pass her the salt. 2. “ Show me your license, please.” The policeman told the driver to show him the license. 3. “ Stop playing computer games!” Mother ordered her child to stop playing computer games.


用askell/order +(not) to do sth.发出指令或者要求, 多用于将直接引语转换成间接引语。在转换中要注意 人称的变化及to后的动词要用原形。

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是因为我不曾结婚、所以你才肆无忌惮的一直都不曾出现,是因为你一直都不曾出现、所以我才无所畏惧的一直单着么——那个人到 底是谁! 钟思第一次遇见陆尘的时候是在相亲的桌面上,她大学毕业有几年却从来没有计划关于结婚的事宜,父母却越发的开始为她瞎操起心 了来,居然要安排她去相亲,简直是惨绝人寰还要不止! 她从小到大虽说算不上拔尖的漂亮,但好在也算温婉清秀,居然都要沦落到要去相亲的份上了,要怪只怪爸妈让她从小要好好学习、 不许动任何旁的心思,以至于她到大学都不曾动过那样的念想,也只想着好好完成学业,将来能做上一份体面的工作,这可不都是爸 妈所期望的一切么!怎么才开始觉得自己的生活过得小资些了的时候父母居然又出新招,居然凄凄惨惨的表示“思思呀,你也不小了, 这都二十五岁的人了,怎么也没见你带个男朋友什么的回家来过呢?” 钟思当时听到这样的话语时一口饭差点没呛死自己“啥,男朋友?” 钟妈妈点点头“是呀,你看看人荌苒大学的时候就带男朋友回家了,怎么你们天天一起的,你却总是一个人呢?” 钟思嘴角抽搐的张了张嘴居然觉得自己竟无言以对! 是谁让她要以学业为重来着,这不才缓过神来将沉重的学业放下没多久,又熬过了艰难的见习期,工作才刚刚做得越发上手,居然又 被爹妈闹出这么一出幺蛾子,还能不能让人歇歇了! 她那一刻居然开始羡慕起她的发小白荌苒来着,从小学习也不算好,总爱嬉闹没个正经,高中遇见庄逍遥之后居然铁了心要考进一流 大学,以她当时的成绩是如何能考取一流的大学呢?那妮子居然为了那样一位男生那般的费劲心思,为了快速提高自己的学习成绩, 放假之际居然不再胡作非为的瞎玩瞎闹还一天天的缠着她让她给她讲解学业上的疑难知识点。


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